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NHSA in the Classroom is a high-energy, interactive music and movement time designed to keep children active, engaged, and thriving.

We are proud to partner with The Kennedy Center, Big Heart World, Story Tapestries, Play Motion Music, Radiant Productions, and local artists in your community. All Head Start and Early Head Start programs and families are encouraged to enjoy these high-energy programs—dance, sing, learn, and have fun!

Kennedy Center

Fable Fun in Africa

An interactive storyhour for all ages! Watch now.

Let's Sing an Opera!

Explore storytelling through song. Watch now.

Let's Play Pretend

Join Psacoya and play make believe. Watch now.

Big Heart World

Walk in the Woods

Let's go for a walk in the woods. Watch now.

Camping Outdoors

Let's go camping outside! Watch now.

Beat the Heat

Join the Big Heart World summer beach party! Watch now.

Story Tapestries

Friendship Stories

Explore friendship stories from India with Arianna. Watch now.

Steady Beat Stories

Share beat stories with Carrie Sue. Watch now.

Feelings Stories

Explore feelings stories from from Indonesia with Valerie. Watch now.

Pinky NHSA

Songs in Spanish

Sing in Spanish with Pinky and Nick the Music Man. Watch now.

Imagine, Explore

Imagination adventure with Pinky and Nick the Music Man. Watch now.

Hide and Seek

Find Pinky and Nick the Music Man! Watch now.

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