Get Well Soon Card Activity

Writing cards is a perfect (travel-free!) advocacy opportunity to promote early writing and emergent reading skills but also make someone feel a little bit better as they recover. Let’s say “Get well soon!” to Senator (and Head Start alumnus!) Ben Ray Lujan with a heartfelt note from the kids in New Mexico Head Start programs.

Follow the Directions Below to Make and Send a Get Well Soon Card

Card Making Supplies

  1. Medium-sized colored construction paper
  2. Band-aids (including some in fun colors!)
  3. Crayons and markers

Step 1—Prepare! Prior to introducing the activity, fold each child’s construction paper in half to create a card. Create a card-making station with construction paper, markers, crayons, and band-aids.

Step 2—Introduce the activity. Tell your children that we were going to make cards for Senator Lujan to help him feel better. Then allow each child to decorate their cards using the band-aids, markers, and crayons. Removing the paper from band-aids might be too challenging for some children, but let them try! Peeling the paper off of each band-aid is fantastic for fine motor development.

Step 3—Write the message. When a child is done decorating the outside of the card, write a message on the inside. If the child is independently writing, have them write the words. If not, have them say the message out loud and write the words for them as they watch. If the child is able to write their own name signing cards is a natural time to practice!

Sample Get Well Soon Message
Dear Senator Lujan,
Wishing you a speedy recovery from [program title] in [city/town]!
Get well soon!

Step 4—Mail your letter! Senator Lujan’s address is below:

120 South Federal Plaza
Suite 302
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Step 5—Share on Facebook or Twitter! Social media is a great place to show off your student’s artwork. When you post, make sure to tag Senator Lujan and NHSA’s accounts. The Senator’s Facebook and Twitter handles are @SenatorLujan. NHSA’s Facebook and Twitter handles are @NatlHeadStart.

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