Head Start Advantage Documentary

The Head Start Advantage Documentary explores the lives of Head Start children, parents, teachers, and alumni working to envision and create a better world for all Americans.

In the film, we meet Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, Sylvia Acevedo, past CEO of Girl Scouts of America, and Cornell William Brooks, past president of the NAACP—all Head Start alumni and lifelong advocates for the program. Collectively, they paint a moving picture of Head Start's enormous impact as an investment in our nation's greatest resource: our children. It takes a visual dive into the findings of five decades of early childhood education research vividly illustrating how education begins at birth.

Head Start Advantage: Child Welfare

Head Start Advantage: School Readiness

Head Start Advantage: Children’s Social-Emotional Development

Head Start Advantage: Early Head Start

Head Start Advantage: Parent Advancement

Head Start Advantage: Dual Language Learners

Documentary Toolkit

The Head Start Advantage Documentary was created to help NHSA members raise awareness of Head Start's impact, recruit new parents in their communities, and raise funds through screening events. Download the toolkit with ideas for reaching these goals.