NHSA And The Zoo In The Classroom: Me, You, and Elephants Too!

“Me, You, and Elephants Too!” means learning Identity, Culture and Community through the experience of observing elephants from Smithsonian’s National Zoo! NHSA and Zoo in the Classroom is a high-energy, interactive experience that include music and movement. It is designed to keep children active, engaged, and thriving.

Resources: The Smithsonian Institution is proud to partner with the National Head Start Association to bring together resources from seven Smithsonian museums to support initiative and curiosity, language and communication, and exploration and discovery in Head Start classrooms nationwide! There’s more than cheetahs to come this school year!

  • Digital Backpack
  • Never-before-seen video: Walk Like an Elephant
  • Music Playlist

Presenters for NHSA and Zoo in the Classroom:
Emily Porter – Manager of Early Childhood and Family Learning Experience, SNZCBI
Bethany Wells – Get a Head Start with the Smithsonian Education and Program Coordinator, SNZCBI
Rachel Hutchison – Manager of Online Instructional Design, NHSA
Nick Young – Preschool Musician, PlayMotion Music
Smithsonian’s National Zookeepers, SNZCBI


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