NHSA Career Center 101

This Career Center resource is designed to give you quick tips for easy implementation in your job posting endeavors!

How To Create Job Postings to Attract Top Talent

Creating a job posting that produces great candidates is easy if you remember one thing: it’s an advertisement for your program, not a job description. Use the three steps below to create succeed in hiring top talent.

Step 1: Make a List Covering…
The personality traits that fit your program's culture.
The education and experience required or preferred.
The primary responsibilities of the position.
The unique features of working at your association.

Step 2: Put Yourself in the Candidates’ Shoes by Answering these Questions…
What would compel you to make a job change?
What would attract your attention in a job posting?
What information would you want to glean from a job posting?

Step 3: Use Your Marketing Skills…
Create a compelling headline and subhead.
Write a brief intro paragraph to express your program's mission, vision, and values.
Tie the responsibilities of the position to your overall direction and goals.
Use bullet points to highlight required (or preferred) skills and characteristics.
Describe your offer package to include any special benefits, incentives, and professional development opportunities.

Keep in mind that the most talented people have many options available to them. If your job posting is especially inspiring and interesting, you will attract high-caliber candidates who can make a difference for your program.

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