Recording: How to Discuss Tough Topics

Recording of How to Discuss Tough Topics: Approaching Sensitive Issues in Developmentally Appropriate Ways

Purpose: In Head Start, children ask complicated questions all the time – of teachers, staff, families/caregivers, community leaders, and any adult the child has developed a trusting relationship with. In this recording, Smithsonian Education’s Early Learning Consortium members will share a host of tools and resources for answering young children’s questions about sensitive topics.

Resources & Recording:

  • Looking for the slide deck or a list of the links and resources we shared during the presentation?  Click here for resources from both of our live webinars!
  • Need a certificate of completion or want to find more information, tips, and resources to support answering tough questions from young children? Access the 1-hour online course here.

Learning Objectives for How to Discuss Tough Topics:

  • Gain tools for building a classroom community that supports and celebrates individual differences.
  • Learn how a supportive community of adults and peers strengthens children’s ability to explore complex topics and ask critical questions.
  • Practice skills for addressing complicated content and celebrating differences between people, in ways that are developmentally appropriate for ages 0-5.
  • Discover helpful resources from the Smithsonian Institution to build community and support discussions around complex topics.

Thank You to Our Presenters:

  • Maureen Leary, Youth and Family Programs Manager, National Postal Museum
  • Emily Porter, Manager of Early Childhood and Family Learning, National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute
  • Julia Smith, Museum and Early Learning Specialist, Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center
  • Rachel Hutchison, Manager of Online Instructional Design, National Head Start Association

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