Webinar: Building Your Digital Portfolio

NHSA can help you showcase your education, professional development and achievements with our Digital Portfolio! In this webinar recording, you can learn how to build and utilize your portfolio!

NHSA’s Digital Portfolio stores all of the professional development (PD) you complete within NHSA and all of the PD you complete outside of NHSA. Whether you complete a course, credential, attend a webinar or conference, this easy to access, easy to share resource will be at your fingertips to showcase that work. Join us for this exciting webinar as we launch the Digital Portfolio and help you showcase your professionalism. 

Helpful Resources:

  • Emails containing certificates can come from Badges@nhsa.org for webinars, conferences, and more.
  • Emails containing Academy credentials / certifications can come from Academy@nhsa.org
  • Visit (and bookmark) certificates.nhsa.org to login and view your portfolio 
  • Visit (and bookmark) the General Support page from Accredible.

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