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Now it’s even easier for your program’s staff to gain access to NHSA’s catalog of fundamental courses whenever you need it!

Ideal for orientation, onboarding new staff and policy council members, and providing ongoing professional development, Academy+ offers instant access to dozens of Head Start-specific, engaging courses on-demand.

*This special offer is available exclusively to NHSA members. Not a member? Join today to save!

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Ensure your staff is Head Start-ready!

Academy+ is a comprehensive solution to prepare your Head Start program for successful Focus Area 1 and 2 reviews and meet approximately 90% of the OHS training requirements.

With access to 14 dynamic courses, totaling over 30 hours of professional development, your staff will have the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their roles and stay compliant with the latest OHS standards.

Topics include:

  • Head Start History

  • Program Performance Standards

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Health and Safety

  • Instructional Practice (and CDA Renewal!)

  • New Staff Orientation

Is it Right for You?

Training and development through The Academy+ helps Head Start programs gain and retain top talent, increase job satisfaction and morale, and improve productivity.

Your program's annual subscription includes:

Online access for your entire staff, including new staff, turnover, parents, and board members!

Interactive learning experiences with 14 courses and over 30 training hours

On-demand course availability and mobile compatibility for learning on the go

Access to a national community of learners

Regularly updated content and course offerings

Admin tracking portal with generated progress reports 

Completion certificates, digital badges, and access to transcripts

Unlock your team's full potential.

Our courses are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. They can be completed within one to four hours and provide learners with foundational training around a variety of topics, from Active Supervision to Head Start History and everything in between.

Nutrition Basics

4 PD Hours • $195 value per person

Enhance and expand your nutrition-based programming both in the classroom and for families at home.
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Individuals with Disabilities Education Act & Americans with Disabilities Act Basics

1 PD Hour • $50 value per person

Head Start Basics Series: This course will provide you with a strong understanding of the policies and practices in identifying potential learning delays ...
Learn More

Mandated Reporting & Child Protection Basics

2 PD Hours • $50 value per person

Head Start Basics Series: This course covers general information about the legal responsibilities of mandated reporters and how to recognize and respond ...
Learn More

Early Childhood Health Services Basics

1 PD Hour • $50 value per person

Head Start Basics Series: Health and wellbeing serve as the foundation of school readiness and child development. This course explores how early childhood ...
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Developed by leading experts.

Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Former director of the Office of Head Start, deputy director for Community Engagement and Innovation at NHSA

Zuly Vazquez

Zuly Vazquez

Manager of Early Head Start Professional Learning Programs at NHSA and Head Start parent

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Professor at Harvard and Clemson Universities, and Head Start alumna

Rosalba Barragan

Rosalba Barragan

Former vice chair of NHSA's Board of Directors and Head Start parent


Make a difference in the lives of families.

Make a real impact by choosing Academy+ for your professional development. Our courses are designed for Head Start professionals and offer the latest research and best practices. It’s like being with family, learning alongside other Head Start professionals. As a not-for-profit organization, your investment goes towards our mission to lead the Head Start community and advocate for policy changes that ensure all children have the support they need to succeed.


We understand each Head Start program is unique, with its own needs and budget constraints. That's why we offer customized pricing options based on the grant size of each program. This allows us to work with you to find a pricing solution that fits your budget. Contact us today to learn more. Our team will be happy to provide you with more information and help you find a pricing solution that works for your program. Whether you are a large program serving hundreds of families or a smaller program just getting started, we are here to help you achieve your goals.