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Data Courses at The Academy

Whether you are new to Head Start or an experienced professional looking to enhance your expertise, we have courses to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of data in your Head Start/Early Head Start program.

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Data Basics

This course explores the role of data in Head Start and answers two questions: “Why do people care so much about data?” and “What does this have to do with me?”

Dr. Greg Dixon3
Intermediate Courses Description Author PD Hours
Data Essentials

Data Essentials explores how data is used in practice in today’s Head Start world and answers two questions: “How can data be used to make things better?” and “How can I be sure that the data I collect helps children and families?”

Dr. Greg Dixon7

Featured Faculty

Dr. Greg Dixon

Dr. Greg Dixon

Dr. Greg Dixon is the chief learning officer at Acorn Evaluation. Dr. Dixon is the leading designer of professional development programs to build data literacy in Head Start. He brings two decades of award-winning experience as a professor and curriculum designer to the development of programs that make data fun and accessible to all.

Acorn Evaluation

Acorn serves Early Head Start/Head Start recipient agencies throughout the country team with using their existing data for program planning and to enhance the quality of their services in response to rapidly changing requirements. Their team is made up of experienced professionals including experienced Head Start and Early Head Start professionals, external evaluators, data scientists, social workers, management consultants, and early childhood education experts.


"Loved this course! Especially the tips on growing data literacy within the organization and helping others see themselves as data people, thank you!"

- Lexi Sanderson, Home Visitor, The Learning Center for Families

"This training was excellent and exactly what I needed to completely understand the collection of Data and how to apply it to my program." 

- Luz Munoz, Head Start Assistant Director, Webb County Commissioners Head Start

“As a data coordinator in Early Head Start, I often feel like my role doesn't fit in a neat box because it overlaps with so many service areas. This course advocates for how important a role data plays in Head Start/Early Head Start and improving not only families and communities, but also staff.”

–Sondra Anderson, Data Coordinator, Families First Early Head Start/CSVC

"There is something special to be said about the way Dr. Dixon and Stuart delivers messaging to all adult learners. Never once did I feel ashamed of my learning disability. They have a special way of touching on all learning styles with how they deliver the learning and as an adult learner I need time and they built that in beautifully.”

–Tyressa Johnson, Early Education Manager, Early Learning Ventures