Workplace Index:

Head Start Staff Retention Tool

Are you looking to enhance your workplace culture, retain valuable staff, and measure your progress?

Look no further than NHSA’s Workplace Index, the comprehensive staff retention tool designed specifically for Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Developed by industry expert Ellen Galinsky and powered by data analysis through Qualtrics with the University of Minnesota, the Workplace Index is your key to improving your organization's culture, retaining staff, and meeting FA2 Review requirements.

Research shows staff who work in a thriving environment are more likely to stay.

With an annual subscription for Workplace Index, you can:

Retain and Recruit Staff

Improve Workplace Culture

Signal Commitment

Meet FA2 Review Requirements

Analyze and Measure Improvement

Gain Community Support

Opportunity for National Recognition

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How does it work?

It begins with a research-based survey.

NHSA provides a survey that you administer to your entire staff at the beginning of the year, which consists of questions carefully crafted for Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

Identify opportunities for growth.

Through data analysis conducted by Qualtrics and the University of Minnesota, the Workplace Index helps you identify pain points and areas for improvement within your organization.

Receive ongoing support.

Gain exclusive access to monthly webinars with Ellen Galinsky, a renowned expert in workplace culture, throughout the year. Ellen will provide valuable insights and guidance to help you navigate challenges and foster a positive work environment.

Measure your progress.

At the end of the year, you will have the opportunity to conduct another survey, once again leveraging the power of Qualtrics and the University of Minnesota to determine the effectiveness of your initiatives in improving workplace culture.

Why Workplace Index?

Improve Workplace Culture:

The Workplace Index is your tool for creating a positive and supportive work environment. By addressing pain points and identifying areas for improvement, you can enhance employee satisfaction, morale, and engagement.

Retain and Recruit Staff:

Research shows staff who work in a thriving environment are more likely to stay. Invest in your employees' well-being and job satisfaction with the Workplace Index. By demonstrating your commitment to a positive workplace culture, you can retain valuable staff and attract new talent to your Head Start program.

Signal Commitment:

Workplace Index showcases your dedication to fostering a supportive work environment. It sends a clear message to your staff, stakeholders, and community that you prioritize their well-being and professional growth.

Meet FA2 Review Requirements:

The Workplace Index aligns with the FA2 Review requirements, ensuring that your organization remains compliant and stays ahead in meeting Head Start standards.

Analyze and Measure Improvement:

With the Workplace Index, you gain valuable insights into your organization's culture. Identify areas that require attention, implement strategies for improvement, and measure progress over time.

Gain Community Support:

You will have the opportunity to connect and share ideas with your peers from across the country who share the same goals and are facing similar challenges.


Become Eligible for National Recognition 

As a Workplace Index subscriber, you get early access to registration for NHSA's Program of Excellence Accreditation. Every year 25 Head Start and Early Head Start programs across the country are recognized that consistently demonstrate excellence in program management and service performance and continually support the achievement of robust outcomes for children birth to five years old, pregnant people, families, and the communities where they live.

Developed by the Experts

The Workplace Index has been developed by a team of esteemed interdisciplinary experts:

Ellen Galinsky

Ellen Galinsky

As the chief science officer at the Bezos Family Foundation, executive director of Mind in the Making, and senior research advisor for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Ellen brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the Workplace Index. She is dedicated to turning research findings into actionable strategies for a better work-life balance.

Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Former director of the Office of Head Start and current deputy director for Community Engagement and Innovation at the National Head Start Association, Dr. Bergeron's extensive background in early childhood education and leadership lends invaluable expertise to the Workplace Index.

Dr. Philip Zelazo

Dr. Philip Zelazo

A renowned expert in the development and neural bases of reflection and executive function, Philip Zelazo brings his extensive research and insights to the Workplace Index. His expertise contributes to enhancing executive function and reflection skills within your organization. He leads the analytics team of researchers at the University of Minnesota.

Erin Ramsey

Erin Ramsey

With a career spanning three decades in the early childhood field, Erin Ramsey is a respected authority on fostering inspired work and service. Her passion for empowering others and promoting excellence shines through in the design of the Workplace Index.


We understand each Head Start program is unique, with its own needs and budget constraints. That's why we offer customized pricing options based on the grant size of each program. This allows us to work with you to find a pricing solution that fits your budget.

Level Number of Staff Price
1Up to 35$500

Our team will be happy to provide you with more information and help you find a pricing solution that works for your program. Whether you are a large program serving hundreds of families or a smaller program just getting started, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more:


Make a difference in the lives of families.

As a not-for-profit organization, when purchasing from NHSA, your investment goes towards our mission to lead the Head Start community and advocate for policy changes that ensure all children have the support they need to succeed.


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