Topic: Health and Wellness

Lead Exposure & Safe Drinking Water

Edible Gardening: Five Ways to Grow Food with Kids

Growing edible plants with your class provides exciting opportunities for kids to learn about food origins, eating a healthy diet, and promotes social and emotional learning.


Head Start’s Impact Across Generations

This Academy-nominated short documentary film, Jenny is a Good Thing, documents one of the many significant contributions of the Head Start program: nutrition. National Archives Identifier: 4747085    


Vision Screening Resource

Recording of the “Vision Screening in 2023” presentation; all viewers will have an understanding of the vision abnormalities to screen for.


Five Resources for New Head Start Health Managers

Head Start health managers must be knowledgeable about the latest health guidelines and the needs of the communities they serve.


DEI Leadership Credential

From intention to action, this course empowers learners with the leadership skills needed to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are not only an intentional focus, but also an intentional practice in their program.


Family Engagement: Mental Health Wellness

Session one of the series: Family Engagement in the Trenches: Mental Health Wellness. Fellow practitioner, Maria Valdez with Communify Santa Barbara County, CA, shared her personal experience and strategies for thoughtfully considering the staff and families’ mental heath and wellness. Enjoy this webinar recording and list of resources as provided by Maria. Resources: CommUnify Wellness Presentation…


Leading Head Start through Burnout

Practical Strategies for Improving Staff Wellness

Build a culture of staff wellness across your organization with these practical strategies to help you better support children and families.


5 Ways to Prevent and Overcome Burnout

Mental Health Toolkit for Head Start Staff

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act & Americans with Disabilities Act Basics

Head Start Basics Series:

This course will provide you with a strong understanding of the policies and practices in identifying potential learning delays and disabilities and how to provide additional and appropriate services to children.