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Starling Minds Mental Fitness

Starling Minds Mental Fitness is a self-guided digital program that is available 24/7. It’s immediate, private, and tailored for NHSA members. In three simple steps a day, you can proactively build daily habits that will help you better manage stress, anxiety, burnout, or depression and take control of your life and wellbeing—on a phone, tablet, or computer.


Confronting Head Start’s Workforce Crisis

Head Start Orientation

This one-hour dynamic course provides the basic information required to work or volunteer in a Head Start or an Early Head Start classroom.


Site Leader Credential

This credential explores topics surrounding day-to-day leadership in Head Start and Early Head Start sites. Participants will work on managing and leading teams, setting tone and culture at the site level, and managing the everyday responsibilities that make up Head Start and Early Head Start programming.


New Director Credential

Take a four-month learning journey with other new Head Start and Early Head Start Directors. Here you will dig into a wide range of program leadership topics, including effective leadership development, communication and advocacy, operations, and more.


Fund Development Credential

This online cause selling accelerate helps Head Start leadership and management integrate successful business practices and relationship-driven strategies to help programs build strong connections with donors, increase revenue, and empower their cause.


Bias Busters Essentials

Take your programs’ understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to the next level. This live course ensures everyone on your staff builds a common understanding of unconscious bias to create a more equitable environment.


CDA Training Pathways

This program guides candidates through the entire CDA credentialing process. The self-paced coursework gives students the flexibility to learn on their own schedule, while our dedicated faculty provide one-on-one coaching and the additional support necessary to ensure all of our students complete the entire CDA program.


Bias Buster Basics

Educate and have an open dialogue with your staff on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI). This course is the perfect first step in your program’s DEI journey by defining shared vocabulary, language, and values.


Report: Broader, Deeper, Fairer

Toolkit: Nurturing Staff Wellness