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About the Head Start Alumni Network

The Head Start Alumni Network sustains Head Start’s legacy for children and families through national advocacy, local support, and meaningful professional connections. The Network demonstrates Head Start’s proven model of success as well as its far-reaching and long-lasting impact.

Share how Head Start changed your life and #NameTheDifference.

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In Their Words...

Over the last six decades, 37 million children have been served by Head Start. Their stories and testimony are living proof points of Head Start’s impact. Head Start alumni hail from communities across the country. We serve and work in every sector worldwide—from boardrooms to classrooms, from cockpits to courtrooms. Innovators and communicators, advocates and thinkers, health care heroes and teachers—alumni are connected by a shared love for the first learning experience that told us we belonged.

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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. John Wallace

John Wallace says: “Head Start ignites the fire to learn among low-income children, like myself, who go on to ignite that fire for others.”


Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Marshalynn Franklin

Marshalynn Franklin says: “The single act of enrolling in Head Start changed my life and now my children are second-generation beneficiaries.”


Alumni Spotlight: Pathways for Young Parents

Two Head Start alumnae from Community Action Alger-Marquette Head Start in Michigan tell their stories of finding their own paths to thriving futures as young parents.


Alumni Spotlight: Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez, Baytown Head Start’s new health services coordinator, didn’t know he had been a Head Start student when he applied for the job.


Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer DeMars-Ellison

Jennifer DeMars-Ellison says: “We are extremely proud to be a Head Start family.”


Alumni Spotlight: Tashia Lemon-Guillory

Tashia says: “I attended Head Start, came to work with Head Start, and I remain with Head Start because Head Start changes lives.”


Alumni Spotlight: Josalyn Brown Robinson

Head Start alumna Josalyn Brown Robinson says: “Head Start gives a foundation with lifelong effects on children. We see the benefits every day.”


Alumni Spotlight: Thomas Parker

Thomas Parker says: “My early experiences in my community, including Head Start, shaped and prepared me to be a force for systemic change.”