Mental Fitness

Introducing Live Mental Fitness Trainings for Head Start

3:30 PM EDT
4:30 PM EDT

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Mental Fitness

It’s in our nature to look after each other, but we tend to be not as good as prioritizing ourselves. Take 30 minutes just for you to support your mental wellness in our live bi-weekly drop-in sessions with Starling Minds.

– Mental Fitness Mondays with Dr. Andrew Miki: Identify, recognize, and manage your patterns.
– Wellness Wednesdays with Tara Achkar: Practice breathwork and meditation to feel more energized and relaxed.

Join the Head Start community on September 27 at 3:30 p.m. ET to kick off the series. Let’s start the new program year right! We must prioritize self-care so that we can continue to provide the stabilizing services and care to communities across the country.

Additional information is forthcoming.

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