Head Start parents at the Urban League Head Start in Los Angeles gather around a table to plan in 1991 under a banner that says "Our Children's Future is in your Hands."

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NAACP + NHSA: A Focus on Head Start and Universal Pre-K

7:30 PM EDT
8:30 PM EDT


Join the FL NAACP and NHSA for an in-depth discussion on the effectiveness of early childhood education in postively contributing to the future of our communities.

Colleagues from the National Head Start Association will discuss Head Start’s history, Head Start’s present, and Universal Pre-K.

  • Malkia Payton-Jackson – NHSA Director, Alumni Engagement
  • Yasmina Vinci – NHSA Executive Director
  • Amirh Moore – NHSA Senior Associate, Government Affairs & Advocacy
  • Kent Mitchell – NHSA Senior Director, State Affairs

Discussion & Insights

  • High-quality, comprehensive services for families & children birth-to-five
  • Research with proven successful outcomes for children
  • Effectiveness of parent & community participation in key programs