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Want More Professional Recognition?

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If you answered YES! to wanting more professional recognition, then we have a program for you! NHSA can help you to showcase your education, professional development and professional achievements with our new Digital Portfolio!

NHSA is proud to announce the creation of a Digital Portfolio especially for its membership, which will bring professional recognition directly to you – at no cost! NHSA’s Digital Portfolio stores all of the professional development (PD) you complete within NHSA and all of the PD you complete outside of NHSA.

Whether you complete a course, credential, attend a webinar or conference, this easy to access, easy to share resource will be at your fingertips to showcase that work. Join us for this exciting webinar as we launch the Digital Portfolio and help you showcase your professionalism. 


Dr. Deborah Bergeron, Dr. B served as director of the Office of Head Start from 2018-21. From 2019-21 she broadened her leadership as director of the Office of Early Childhood Development in the Administration for Children and Families. Known as “Dr. B” to former students and teachers, she spent three decades in pre-K–12 public education as a classroom teacher and school administrator. She currently serves as deputy director for Community Engagement and Innovation at the National Head Start Association.


Tawsha Scord has been an Account Manager at Accredible since September 2021. She manages about 80 accounts and ensures they are getting the most out of their partnership by being her customers’ biggest advocate and providing business reviews and strategy planning. Outside of work, Tawsha enjoys living the adventure life in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons.