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Unlocking Your Career Potential: Next Steps After Your CDA!

4:00 PM EDT
5:00 PM EDT

Webinars The Academy

Program: Unlocking Your Career Potential: Next Steps After Your CDA!

Just earned your CDA credential with The Academy? Congratulations! Take the next step by joining our webinar to explore the exciting career pathway National University created for Head Start CDA graduates. Discover opportunities to advance your early childhood education career and unlock your full professional potential. Don’t miss this chance to turn your CDA achievement into a rewarding future!

Learning Objective: National University’s Partnership Manager will walk attendees through the next steps in expanding your opportunities.


Katrina Davis-Darnell is a passionate higher education professional with 15+ years of supporting Head Start and PK-12 entities. She manages education partnerships at the National University in their Workforce and Community Education division. In her role, she develops and leads education solution projects that support making professional development affordable and accessible for K-12 professionals seeking to achieve their career ambitions through National University offerings.




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