2023-2024 Garden Storytime Series

Watch Garden Storytimes Through the Seasons

Fall Garden Storytime

  • Book: The Pie That Molly Grew, by Sue Heavenrich
  • The Pie that Molly Grew Activity Kit from the Author, Sue Heavenrich
  • Singing Activity
  • Activity: Pumpkin Learn and Play
  • Activity: Connect the Dots


Winter Garden Storytime


  • Five Little Carrots – Music with Gina
  • Five Little Carrots – Lyrics
  • Downloadable activity kit for Logan’s Greenhouse from Peachtree with lots of winter veggie recipes to try and instructions for making a mini greenhouse
  • Downloadable Educator’s Guide from Peachtree with classroom-focused ideas and standards alignments
  • “Cooking with JaNay” video where people can follow along as the author cooks the Winter Carrot Soup recipe from the back of the book with her daughter and nephew
  • KidsGardening.org – Kitchen Scrap Gardening Activity


Spring Garden Storytime


  • Book: A Place for Rain, by Michelle Schaub
  • Singing Activity
  • Author Michelle Schaub’s Educator Guide for A Place for Rain
  • KidsGardening Springtime Learn and Play Activity Pack


Summer Garden Storytime


  • Story: City Beet by Tziporah Cohen
  • Singing Activity
  • Sleeping Bear Press City Beet Coloring Pages
  • KidsGardening Summer Play and Learn Pack




The GroMoreGood initiative makes garden grants, garden kits, educational curriculum, and garden training available to all Head Start programs with the goal of creating more edible gardens for young children and their families. The initiative also supports the creation of green space projects—land that is partly or completely covered with grass, trees, shrubs, or other vegetation—as an option for children and the community to learn.

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