NHSA and Zoo in the Classroom: Elephants

Join NHSA in the Classroom for a virtual field trip to Smithsonian’s National Zoo to see the elephants! In case you missed our live adventure, you can now watch the elephants recording here. Get ready to flap your ears and join for a fun program and to learn about these gentle giants!

Want to keep the ele-fun going? The Smithsonian has lots of extra resources you can do at home or in your classroom with this elephants recording!

  • Learn how elephants make music and create your own elephant friendly instrument with this activity!
  • Here is a fun activity, use your trunk and paint like an elephant!
  • Check out the Get a Head Start Learning Lab for animal resources connected to past programs.
  • Do your cuties still have questions about elephants? Ask the Smithsonian with “Head Start Asks!”
    • We’re still taking your cuties’ questions about elephants through Friday, March 10. Submit them HERE
    • National Zoo keepers and Smithsonian staff answer Head Start questions about cats!
  • Did that just happen? Live performances are full of unexpected moments and we got them all on video! Use the Elephants Scavenger Hunt and watch for Rani completing her yoga routine, Rani and Swarna saying hi to each other, and an up-close shot of Swarna’s runny nose!


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