Webinar: Tackling Mid-Year Behaviors

January marks the mid-way point through the academic year and Head Start staff may be noticing new behaviors in and around the classroom. This webinar recording has what you need to help address those mid-year behaviors. Our experts share three innovative approaches to managing the classroom environment. These strategies not only mitigate challenging mid-year behaviors, they significantly increase delightful interactions!

Interested in learning more about tackling challenging behaviors? Enrollment is OPEN for our Classroom Management Certification. To earn this certificate, learners will complete the following three courses:

  • Music and Movement Essentials (8 PD Hrs)
  • Effective Transitions Essentials (10 PD Hrs)
  • Trust First Essentials (10 PD Hrs)

All of these courses are showcased in the webinar recording and provide some insights into the course content, outcomes, design, and tools. There is also a special registration rate for NHSA Members.

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