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Empowering High School Students for Careers in ECE

3:00 PM EDT
3:30 PM EDT

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Empowering High School Students Program:

Come join us to discover how to prepare work-ready high school graduates for rewarding careers in early childhood education (ECE). Hear from the deputy director of community and engagement from the National Head Start Association who is a former school administrator with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Deborah Bergeron, and find out how to create or enhance your system drawing inspiration from South Dakota’s innovative approach to addressing the workforce crisis one high school student at a time. Explore turnkey resources to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this critical field. Build a pipeline of talented ECE professionals and transform your community by empowering the next generation of early childhood educators. Don’t miss this insightful webinar – register now!


Dr. Deborah Bergeron served as director of the Office of Head Start from 2018-21. From 2019-21 she broadened her leadership as director of the Office of Early Childhood Development in the Administration for Children and Families. Known as “Dr. B” to former students and teachers, she spent three decades in pre-K–12 public education as a classroom teacher and school administrator and currently serves as deputy director for Community Engagement and Innovation at NHSA.