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Webinar: Neuro-Nurturing Everyday

2:00 PM EDT
3:00 PM EDT

Professional Development Webinars Early Head Start

The human brain is an amazing organ that allows each of us to think, feel, act, and learn. Experiences in the early years have a critical impact on the way a brain develops and affects wellbeing in life. You have the wonderful opportunity to gain greater awareness combined with confidence in the way you contribute to optimal development. This insightful session provides you with an easy to understand and fun overview of your positive influence. You will be inspired by how much more you understand about the ways you significantly impact behavior and learning for the children you care about.

Speaker: Deborah McNelis, M.Ed.

Deborah McNelis, M.Ed is an author, speaker, and creator of Neuro-NurturingĀ®. As an early brain development specialist and founder of Brain Insights, she has developed the unique Neuro-Nurturing Interaction Packets and the digital Brain Basics Quick Start Guide. She has also published Transitions and Balanced Stimulation development packets in collaboration with Redleaf Press. She has been seen in publications, heard on radio interviews and webinars worldwide, and receives rave reviews for her engaging and insightful presentations and keynotes for communities, schools, organizations, and companies. Her enthusiasm is said to be contagious.