Webinar: Paving the Way to Your CDA Info Session

Looking for ways of moving your career forward? Then, you will enjoy this CDA webinar recording!

Earning a CDA® credential demonstrates educators’ knowledge, skills, and abilities in the early childhood education field as well as their commitment to professional development. Designed for working Head Start and Early Head Start professionals, NHSA’s CDA® Training Pathway at The Academy gives learners the flexibility and support they need to achieve their goals.

In this CDA webinar recording, Zuly Vazquez, our author and course manager, shares how NHSA is making the CDA credential a smooth process for professionals as we explore the pathways to determine which path and learning experience is just right for YOU!


  • CDA Webinar Presentation
  • “Dear Boss” letter
  • Recording:


  • Curriculum Expert: Zuly Vazquez, Manager, Early Head Start Programs, NHSA
  • CDA Coach and Reviewer: Patty Berrón
  • Program Candidate: Irene Perez
  • Program Candidate: Angela Nava
  • Program Leader: Brandy Christensen

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