Recording: STEM Learning in the Garden


A garden offers an array of exciting opportunities to introduce science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in fun ways that align with early learning outcomes and standards; thus, STEM Learning in the Garden just makes sense! Watch the recording of educators from KidsGardening and explore hands-on, garden-based STEM lessons and activities that you can share with your students. The recording: STEM Learning in the Garden will leave excited to try these practical ideas for digging into STEM through gardening!


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Recording: STEM Learning in the Garden


Noel Nicholas (she/her) is the educational content manager for KidsGardening, where she co-develops original educational materials designed to help kids play, learn, and grow through gardening. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from University of Southern California, where she developed a passion for informal education while teaching poetry at 32nd Street School/USC Magnet. Prior to joining KidsGardening, Noel worked as museum educator at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, developing and delivering educational programs for diverse, multi-generational audiences, and managing the museum’s Storytime Live program. In her spare time she teaches in the school garden at Third Street Elementary in Los Angeles.


Sarah Pounders, while working toward her master’s degree in Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University, Sarah Pounders served as a school garden coordinator and conducted research on the benefits of using school garden programs to teach nutrition. She went on to work at various botanical gardens and for Cooperative Extension in Virginia and Texas. Since 2005, Sarah has been an education specialist at KidsGardening, coordinating numerous children’s gardens and writing curricula and activities for youth of all ages. Sarah enjoys gardening at home with her two children and serves as the volunteer garden coordinator at her son’s elementary school.







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