DEI Resources: Supporting AAPI Communities

Head Start proudly partners with families in every community across the country, embracing diversity as a strength and celebrating cultural differences. As we have spoken with Head Start leaders whose programs support predominantly Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) families, many have expressed fear and worry for their safety and for the emotional well-being of the children and families they support. We hear these fears and we are compelled to address them by amplifying their voices and offering the support that each individual community needs.

Head Start’s children—and all children—deserve a future that is free from hate. Head Start embraces the role of educating children on anti-racism and empathy from an early age and equipping families to have difficult conversations around race and racism.

Supporting AAPI Community During COVID-19

Responding to AAPI Hate

Talking to Children About Racism

Understanding Bias

Promoting Empathy

Practicing Trauma-Informed Care

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